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Fashion Jewelry Maintenance Tips

5 Tips to Help You Look After Your Fashion or Costume Jewelry

Costume or Fashion jewelry is affordable, stylish and a great way to wear new and alluring trends without investing a lot of money. And whilst we do offer value for money costume jewelry in this store, unfortunately it can from time to time tarnish, lose its color and shine, and sometimes may leave a metallic trace on your skin.

However, if you want to protect your fashion jewelry so it retains its luster and beauty, here's 5 vital tips that will ensure you can wear your fashion jewelry for as long as possible.

1. Avoid Wearing Costume Jewelry when Applying Makeup, Washing Up or Exercising

  • Exposing fashion jewelry to any type of cream, chemical product, lotion, perfume, essential oils, or even salt or chlorinated water will accelerate tarnishing. Metals like brass, copper or bronze will oxidize and see its color change, and silver or gold plated fashion jewelry can chip if not too careful.
  • Always remove jewelry before applying creams, makeup, perfume or when washing hands as this will also help to minimize the potential for any greenish traces that some costume jewelry may leave on your skin due to chemical reaction between the metal and the acidic levels of your skin.
  • Do not wear jewelry when exercising, sweating excessively, when swimming or taking a shower/bath as it will amplify the chemical reaction with your skin.
2. Don't Wear Fashion Jewelry All The Time
  • Fashion jewelry isn't designed to be worn all the time so only wear it occasionally to avoid early discoloration, and go without it for any activity that does not require the presence of your costume jewelry.
  • Remove Costume Jewelry at the end of the day and never go to sleep wearing it as it can damage and/or tarnish the jewelry. It can also scratch or stain your skin as it is constantly in contact with your acidic skin, together with any other traces of chemical, lotion or fragrance that you may have worn earlier in the day or evening.

3. Keep it Clean and Dry

  • While this seems a tedious task, cleaning your fashion jewelry after wearing it will help preserve its look for a much longer period of time. Simply wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove any oils, cosmetic residue or sweat that will otherwise accelerate oxidation.
  • Avoid cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia or they will damage your jewelry, and always make sure your jewelry is completely clean and dry before storing it.

4. Store it Carefully

  • The best way to prevent tarnishing, chipping or knots in chains is to store fashion jewelry individually in soft cotton or velvet pouches.
  • Fashion necklaces should hang vertically to avoid knotting, and pieces like rings, earrings and bracelets/anklets should not be in direct contact with one another, or in direct contact with your more precious or expensive jewelry.
  • Jewelry boxes are fine for storage of Fashion or Costume Jewelry but we highly recommend storing your individual pieces in soft pouches before placing them into a jewelry box or similar storage compartment.

5. Coating is Not Recommended, BUT...

  • It's recommended that you don't coat your jewelry with a type of protectant like Krylon as coating can potentially change the appearance and/or color of your fashion jewelry, and may tarnish it at the same time. However, in addition to keeping your fashion jewelry clean and dry as advised above, you can use clear nail polish to coat the inside of your fashion rings and bracelets to limit or prevent the appearance of any green traces on your skin.

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